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Network Spinal

Network Spinal

"Network Spinal involves gentle contacts that are applied at locations where tensions arise. Adjustments are comfortable, painless and specifically tailored to your individual needs."

Network Spinal Analysis
Network Spinal
A gentle therapy that helps to retrain the nervous system

Network Spinal (previously known as Network Spinal Analysis) is a gentle technique designed to facilitate the healing of the nervous system by optimising its functioning. Network Spinal focuses on the spine and its relationship with the central nervous system, the brain, and the body's innate ability to heal itself.

The primary goal of Network Spinal is to promote the body's self-regulating capacity and enhance the communication between the brain and the body. It involves gentle, non-invasive touch applied to specific points along the spine, known as "spinal gateways". These precise touches are intended to initiate a series of healing responses within the nervous system.

Evidence Based Care

   Benefits identified within multiple studies include:

  • Greater energy 

  • Improved flexibility 

  • Reduced symptoms of pain and headaches

  • Reduced anxiety and depression 

  • Greater ability to relax

  • Improved ability to think and concentrate

  • Markedly reduced stress levels and greater capacity to cope with stress

  • Greater confidence and ability to express oneself 

  • Increased ability to adapt to change 

  • Higher productivity and ability to accomplish goals 

  • Heightened emotional and psychological wellbeing

**Source :: Reference: Blanks, RH; Boone, WR; Schmidt, S; Dobson, M; Network Care: A retrospective outcomes assessment. 1996 Dobson, M; Boone WR; Blanks, RH; Women and Alternative Health Care: A retrospective study of recipients of Network Care. 1996.

What is it?

Network Spinal is performed without the use of manipulation (the traditional 'crack' of the spine). Gentle contacts are applied at locations where tensions arise. Adjustments are comfortable, painless and specifically tailored to your individual needs


How does it work?

Network Spinal works with your nervous system. Your nervous system is comprised of your brain, spinal cord and your nerves and regulates all the functions of your body and mind via these nerve connections. Your nervous system deals with an immense amount of information, and processes feedback loops all day, every day. It is through our nervous system that we perceive, adapt, self-regulate and interact with our world.


Throughout your life your body creates tension in response to stress.  Every day the body adapts to all kinds of stress in the environment in order to maintain homeostasis and health. However, as your body is impacted by unhealthy lifestyle choices such as poor posture, poor nutrition, physical trauma such as sports injury or car accidents and emotional trauma such as past abuse or work and relationship issues, these “stressors” detrimentally impact the body’s ability to regulate tension. This built up of tension impact the nervous system and the mechanics of your spine creating nerve interference which upset the equilibrium of natural tension and tone influencing your wellbeing.

Donny Epstein (Founder of Network Spinal Analysis) adjusting at a seminar 

What to expect ?

During a Network Spinal session, the practitioner applies gentle contacts along the spine to cue the brain to help establish better communication between the brain and body. These contacts work with the plasticity of your nervous system; that is the ability of your nervous system to develop new, more efficient pathways and neurological habits.


The gentle contacts made during a session increase your body’s capacity for self-observation and self-regulation. Each visit your body learns to relax and reset the spine and muscles helping the body processing stored physical and emotional tension within the nervous system. As this tension within the body is recognised and processed, the nervous system and spine become more flexible allowing the body to release pain and tension and better adapt to stress within the environment as the body reorganises itself.

Several recent studies have shown that network chiropractic can dramatically and consistently improve people’s enjoyment and quality of life in all aspects (physically, mentally and emotionally)


  • Much gentler holistic form of therapy 

  • Less pain and tension

  • Improved Energy, Flexibility and posture

  • Breathe freer, fell more balanced and calm

  • Enjoy your life and your body more

Specific Conditions

  • Back, Spine, Disc and Neck Pain

  • Joint pain and Sciatica or Arthritis 

  • Headaches, Migraine

  • Postural Problems

  • Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia

  • Stress related conditions eg Anxiety and Depression

How does the care progress?


During Network Spinal sessions, gentle touches create a "spinal wave." This refers to a rhythmic, wave-like motion that travels along the spine. Over time two coordinated patterns of movement develop. 


The first movement is called the Respiratory Wave, this wave helps the body to relax and reset the tone of the muscle and is essential in helping the body to integrate the changes that are made during the session. The second wave that develops is called the Network Wave. As the Network Wave moves through the spine, it allows the nervous system to become more coherent and integrated. It is these two waves that help the body self-regulate and reorganise the body during a network session.


As the spinal waves develop the body uses stored tension, the pain and the discomfort that we feel, such and neck pain or back pain, as fuel for spinal re-organisation this can be observed clinically by observing the changes in posture and muscle tone as measured by pre and post posture screen and muscle EMG readings.

This spinal waves feel like a rocking sensation undulating through the spine that is predictable and unique to each person, much like a fingerprint. Results may be noticed within just a few short visits. Each subsequent visit builds on the previous with a longer term commitment creating deeper and more sustainable change.

emg scan example.PNG
jarad posture pic.PNG

Links to YouTube Demonstrations and Information Online

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The Annerley Network chiropractic (NSA) clinic services inner south of Brisbane area including: Annerley, Fairfield, Greenslopes, Salisbury, Holland Park, Buranda, Stones Corner, Yeronga, Yeerongpilly, Moorooka, Tennyson, Tarragindi, Dutton Park, Highgate Hill and West End.

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