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Dr Jarad Bianchi

Chiropractor  -  Acupuncturist  -  Herbalist

Practicing in Annerley Brisbane Dr Jarad Bianchi has a Masters Degree of Chiropractic as well as a Bachelors Degree in Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine - Honours.

With over 12 years experience Dr Bianchi uses a variety of techniques, including Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Bowen Therapy and gentle non-manipulative Network Spinal Analysis to help assist with a variety of conditions.
These include:
Musckulo-skeletal pain, Posture, Digestive health, Headaches, Anxiety, Fatigue, Depression, Natural Fertility, IVF support & Pregnancy as well as successfully helping many people with various acute or chronic ailments and injuries.


Dr Bianchi adopts an integrated approach to health and happily works along side your GP and believes Healthcare is about achieving the best possible outcome for the patient utilising the best of both modern and traditional medicine.

Chiropractic at the Annerley Clinic
Many comparative studies have shown chiropractic to be effective in treating lower back and neck pain, headaches, disk problems and sciatica.  Treatments are tailored to the individual and range from gentle non-manipulative techniques such as soft tissue techniques, Bowen therapy, blocking and activator through to manual adjusting techniques. Chiropractic treatments are aimed at giving the correct adjustment at the right time which may help to achieve quick resolution of symptoms and long term spinal health.

Network Spinal Analysis
Network spinal analysis utilises gentle non-manipulative contacts to help people to regain control of their general health and well being. Because it is so gentle network is ideal for all age groups. Network is a wellness style of Chiropractic with the goal of clearing tension from the body and nervous system, thus helping the body to function better than it did before. Research shows that network Chiropractic may help an individual cope better with anxiety, depression and fatigue. People that receive network care report experiencing less pain, greater life enjoyment and are better able to adapt to stress.
Source :: Reference: Blanks, RH; Boone, WR; Schmidt, S; Dobson, M; Network Care: A retrospective outcomes assessment. 1996 Dobson, M; Boone WR; Blanks, RH; Women and Alternative Health Care: A retrospective study of recipients of Network Care. 1996.

Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine.
Using Pulse diagnosis, a variety of conditions can be identified, various conditions may be treated with these therapies include fatigue, anxiety and depression, insomnia, digestive problems, women’s and men’s health complaints, lower back, neck pain and migraines headaches to name a few. A full health history is taken and should a condition need medical attention a referral to you general practitioner is advised.

Natural Fertility, Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine, IVF support and Pregnancy
Using Acupuncture, Herbal medicine and Nutritional advice the body is better able to moderate stress and naturally regains its health and fertility. Natural fertility is your birthright. Acupuncture can also be use used before and during IVF to increase its success. Acupuncture is also used for helping a range of conditions during pregnancy and may help control morning sickness and feel more comfortable during the first trimester. 


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