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Quit Smoking 1 to 2 Treatments

Stop cravings ~ Save Money


Located in Brisbane at Annerley.


This quick and easy treatment uses only 3 needles for 30 minutes and may reduce or even eliminate your physical cravings for nicotine, thus giving your mind an easier opportunity to kick the habit. This technique was developed in China. 


The majority of people have their physical craving eliminated in one treatment. A small percentage may require a follow up in 2 weeks. We provide you with thorough pre-treatment instructions and post treatment suggestions to ensure you get the most benefit from your session.


What to expect:

The whole treatment takes about 1 hour. We will look at your mental and emotional habits of smoking and teach you simple techniques to address these. We will then do acupuncture which has a long history in treating addictions and is know to enhance deep relaxation, it can help to ease and may eliminate cravings. Additionally, we will give you a bottle of herbal drops that help with stress, sleep and anxiety. If you really want to start living a smoke free life call us now for more information and to book your appointment!


What you need to do before your appointment:

To get the most out of your treatment we ask that on the day of your appointment you abstain from having a cigarette. We want you to arrive at you appointment with a strong craving for a cigarette, this way you will feel the amazing power of the acupuncture as it takes that craving away!


If you can afford to smoke, you can afford to quit! 

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