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Advance Bio-Structural Chiropractic

Advance Bio-Structural Chiropractic

ABC Chiropractic corrects your body mechanics by adjusting the bones that your body that cannot self correct. Restoring posture, flexibility and strength. ABC Chiropractic helps to alleviate pain and preventing injury by optimising joint, muscle and nerve function, so that you can achieve more at work, rest and play.

Advanced Bio-structural Correction

Multiple studies over many years confirm proper posture leads to normal healthy bodily function.


ABC Chiropractic aims to correct your body's posture and mechanics by adjusting the bones that your body cannot self correct. These areas of misalignment can lead to mechanical injury due to a break down in the overall function of the body.

ABC Chiropractic is designed to treat the whole body as one synchronised functioning unit. The body can self-correct the majority of its function, the areas that it can't correct are due to a lack of muscle or structures needed to pull the dysfunctional area back into alignment.

Practitioners of ABC Chiropractic adjust these offending area's helping to restoring posture, flexibility and strength. ABC chiropractic helps to alleviate pain and preventing injury by optiminsing joint, muscle and nerve function, so that you can achieve more at work, rest and play.

What to Expect?

ABC Chiropractic uses a series of gentle adjustments to treat the whole body. A part of the treatment includes meningeal stretches which are incorporated to help speed up postural changes and spinal flexibility. A menigeal stretch is a full spinal stretch that aims to help break up scarring or other soft tissue adhesions and helps to restore mobilty to the spine as a whole.

The images seen to the right are examples of postural changes after just one ABC chiropractic treatment.

Before and after their first ABC treatment .

instructions given for photo

"Breathe in, Breathe out and let your body relax and slump."

Our Clinic has 3 main main Goals for the client:

1. Correction – Helping recovery from injury by restoring normal alignment, flexibility and strength.


2. Prevention – By improving physical and neurological function, the body is better protected against future injuries or ailments

3.Performance – Through optimising joint, muscle and nerve function your body can achieve more at home, at work or at sport and play.

In order to achive these goals every client will undergo a process described as UNWINDING.

Unwinding: The path to recovery

Unwinding is the symptom changing process the body must go through to heal from mechanical injury. As you receive treatment your body will unwind backwards, away from the mechanical stress, at this stage your symptoms will gradually improve.


Eventually your body will get "stuck" and your symptoms may come back a little bit, your are unwinding forwards back towards the mechanical stress, you may think you are getting worse but in fact you are getting better! It is at this stage of the treatment that the chiropractor can make the most impact and further correct your mechanical problems, as your body is preparing to unlock another layer of tension.

This process of unwinding forward and backward will happen many times and explains why healing is a process whereby sometimes your feel better and sometimes you feel worse. With each layer of tension that is removed the body gets stronger and closer to the original forward stuck injury position. Your body mechanics are now healthy enough to unlock these significant past injuries.

After going through to recovery your body will be working so well that most people notice that they have no pain and are able to do things they haven't done in years. Starting from your first adjustment many people report having a fuller and more deeper breath, less pain, more energy and mental clarity.

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